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How to Preserve a Wood Deck | Home Guides | SF Gate

Ultraviolet rays and moisture pose unavoidable threats to your wood deck causing undesirable graying splintering warping and cracking as the years pass. Whether your deck is made of cedar fir

Not Your Typical Modern Wood Deck | Life of an Architect

Finally we get to look at the actual structure for the deck … pressure treated 2×4 wood studs. By the way sorry about the quality of this photo this was a job site visit on my way in to the office and it was probably around 6:30am. The gaps between the 2×4’s are to allow the water that makes its way through the decking to migrate towards the drain.

Mike Holmes on How to Prolong the Life of Your Deck Shed and

Decks. Your deck is constantly being exposed to the elements. It doesn’t get the same amount of protection your house gets from its building envelope so regular maintenance is key. Regular deck maintenance and inspections can extend your wood deck’s life by 10-15 years.

Lumber Life Cycle: Wood vs. Composite Decking | Remodeling

The number of options available in composite decking can be dizzying (just see this chart) but the lumber industry wants to simplify that by suggesting a single best option for deck-building: wood. A recently published life-cycle assessment (LCA) comparing pressure-treated wood (PTW) to wood-plastic composites (WPCs) anchors the wood industry’s current agenda.

How to Build a Wood Deck | Life of an Architect

The reason we painted it was to hide the appearance of the tops of the wood members once the top deck boards are installed. We didn’t want you looking down through the wood deck and seeing the crummy – yet beautiful in its own way – looking structure below. Jumping over to painting for a bit. It was decided to paint the metal handrail

Deck Life And Maintenance: How Long Does A Wooden Deck Last?

If you take excellent care of your deck giving it all of the maintenance it needs it can last for 20+ years. That said the exact amount of time a deck will last depends on the type of wood type and a variety of other factors. Wooden Decks Made From Cedar Cedar is the workhorse of woods.

Article: When Should You Replace Your Wood Deck?

There usually are clear signs when a deck is at the end of its life span. The deck frame begins to sag as rot makes the wood susceptible to termites. Termites eat their way through the wood creating channels that allow water to seep in and accelerate the rotting process. This makes the wood even more vulnerable to termites and starts an

Materials for the Longest Deck Lifespan |

Here are some other factors that impact the deck lifespan when you choose traditional wood decking: Wood deck boards will need to be maintained (sanded stained sealed deep-cleaned etc.) at least every three years. Even when properly maintained pressure-treated lumber will show inconsistent coloring and quality over time.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Deck | Wood and Composite

Prolonging the life of wood decks Cedar: Cedar can last more than 25 years with proper care which includes routine cleaning and restaining—and may involve stripping and restaining.

Specification for Deck Boards | Timber Decking

Specification for Deck Boards Timber decks can be designed to meet a variety of service life requirements. Desired service life options of 15 30 and 60 years are given in European/British standards. For quality installations 15 years is considered to be the minimum standard.

5 Decking Materials - Costs Benefits And Life-span | 123

This economical wooden decking is typically made from pine and is widely available. It is the most economical and least expensive out of decking materials with a lifespan of the average of 15 years but with proper maintenance can last decades. Proper maintenance can average annual costs of $450.

A Comparison of Wood Decks and Composite Decks

A deck can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years if made from untreated wood and can last as long as 50 years for treated wood or composite materials. Because a deck is a long-term investment and you will be enjoying it for decades to come it's important to understand your choice of materials before starting your building project.

How Long Does the Wood Last on a Cedar Deck? | Home Guides

How Long Does the Wood Last on a Cedar Deck?. Cedar decking is a naturally rot-resistant wood which turns gray once you allow it to sit in the sun. There are other types of materials available

Tips on extending the life of your wood deck - FPInnovations

Wood decks can be made from naturally durable heartwood from western redcedar eastern white cedar yellow cedar or from preservative-treated wood. Copper-based preservatives dominate the residential preserved-wood market and offer long-term protection against decay and termites as well as added protection against the sun’s rays.

4 Myths About Wood Decks | Think Wood

With regular cleaning and sealing softwood lumber (pressure-treated pine cedar redwood) decks can last up to 20 years. There a couple of things however that can shorten any deck’s life regardless of the type of decking used. One of those factors is a lack of proper care for a deck which as mentioned above is easier than you think.

5 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Outdoor Wooden Deck

If your deck gets damaged or begins to become structurally unsound repairing or replacing it can get pretty costly. Maintaining your deck is a much better option that’s more economical in the long run. To help prevent expensive problems from developing here are some tips for extending the life of your outdoor wooden deck. 1. Regular Inspections

How to paint stain or oil your decking | Outdoor & Garden | B&Q

A decking cleaner and reviver is specially formulated to SevenTrust the wood back to its natural colour reinvigorating the appearance of your deck. It also removes moss mould and algae and helps make it easier to apply deck paint stains and oils. One of the quickest ways to refresh your deck is to give it a good clean. A decking cleaner and

Treated Wood / Lumber Life Life Factors & Warranty Period

Typical in-use life span of treated lumber used in swing sets decks and deck posts is 10-20 years. Keep in mind that actual useful life and "warranty period" for any product may be quite different and that warranties are usually limited in scope and conditions. Interestingly there are two different "life expectancy" issues for treated wood:

50 Wood Deck Design Ideas - Designing Idea

Welcome to our gallery of beautiful wood deck design ideas for a variety of home styles. Adding a deck to your home is a relatively inexpensive way to expand its living space and add to its beauty and value. Before you begin your design it is important to consider the primary uses it will serve

Top five deck facts that will help prolong its life — by up

DECK FACT 3 Design affects deck life How a deck is put together can mean the difference between a 15-year working life and a 40-year life using the same kind of lumber.

Maintenance Tips: Wood Decks - Buildipedia

The NAHB states "Because they [wood decks] are subject to a wide range of conditions in different climates the life expectancy of wooden decks can vary significantly. Under ideal conditions they have a life expectancy of about 20 years." Whether you are caring for an aging wood deck or building a new one understanding and practicing proper maintenance is paramount to protecting your

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Decks might be made of more artificial materials inside a wood exterior. One deck of the future has Nomex honeycomb at its core with Kelver as one of the structural materials. Even with traditional wood decks the number of veneer layers may increase or decrease. The most noticeable difference might be the art on the bottom of the skateboard. Instead of being applied with a screenprinting

Hollow Vs. Solid Composite Decking | newtechwood

While the lifespan of a deck built of wood usually depends on the kind of wood you use — more expensive woods tend to last longer — a composite wood deck can last at least 25 years with minimal maintenance. And if you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions it can last longer.

Wood Deck Maintenance – How Long Can a Deck Last? – Carlton

For wood decks located in dry areas the lifetime of the wood deck may extend up to 25 years. In southern climates the lifetime of the wood deck is considerably shorter (10 to 15 years). In the North the lifetime of the wood deck is 20 to 30 years. If your home is located in Maryland or Virginia you should expect a life expectancy somewhere between 10 years and 20 years but it will depend

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