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Deck substructure | Is it correct practice to cover my deck

You need to use joists designed for exterior use. * There is a Use Class system in place which classifies timber into end use groups according to the risk of biological degrade. Use class 2 is internal building timbers with an occasional risk of wetting Use Class 3 is outdoor above ground use and Use Class 4 is for outdoor use in contact with the ground or fresh water.

Planning Permission | Decking | Planning Portal

Putting up decking or other raised platforms in your garden is permitted development not needing an application for planning permission providing: The decking is no more than 30cm above the ground Together with other extensions outbuildings etc the decking or platforms cover no more than 50 per cent of the garden area.

Ditch the decking for stone gravel or fake grass | Daily

Now decking is not just a cliche it’s an environmental hazard. In 2006 the increase in the use of decking was blamed for a boom in rat and mouse populations as the void underneath the timber

Should decking grooves face up or down? | BUILD

If you really need to have an anti-slip coating on the boards there are various sealants available for use to texturise the wood or rubberise it giving extra traction and stability. Alternatively rubber matting is available that can accomplish the same task while being portable allowing you to remove it when it's not needed so as to protect the look of the boards. Likewise textured

The UK's 3 Best Decking Paint Products Reviewed (Jan 2020)

Yes – paint can look great on a decking surface – provided that you choose the product that’s right for you. You should always use a product that has been certified for use with decking. The material of your boards is very important too. While softwood and hardwood surfaces are usually easy to cover other materials might not be so easy.

Can I Use Wet and Forget on Composite Decking?

Below you’ll find the answer. Q: Can I use Wet & Forget on my composite decking? A: Yes Wet & Forget can be used on composite decking (for example Seven Trust or any other brand of composite decking you might have). Wet & Forget has a pH of 8 making it gentle enough to use on decking without harming the surface.

Pallet Decking Without The Spending | Pallet Decking Ideas

For this you can use a wide range of decking oils exterior wood stain or paints to give the finished deck dramatic effect. One rule to keep in mind is that if using a spirit-based wood preserver that contains wax you need to use an oil-based top coat as a water-based one will just bead and run off the preserved pallets. If you prefer to use water-based paints or decking stains opt for a

Decking ideas | Outdoor & Garden | B&Q

You can lay decking at different heights and levels depending on the shape and surface of your garden. A raised deck is a good option for sloped or uneven gardens as a way of creating a flat surface for a dining table or a seating area. If you build a tall enough frame you can even use the space underneath your decking as additional garden

Can You Use Fence Paint on Decking? | Captain Patio

The best paint to use on decking. While most any paint will do the trick you’ll want to pick a paint stain or oil that is both affordable and cuts down on maintenance. Because of this the best type of paint to use on a deck isn’t actually paint at all — it’s good old-fashioned oil!

can we use gloss paint on decking outside? | Yahoo Answers

if you really want to use paint it can be done but it may pay to sprinkle very fine sand over surface whilst wet in order to add grip. this should be rolled over with a paint roller or covered again with a thin coat or the sand will show to much and adhere to dirt etc making it unattractive . the lightly covered sand will add a 'grip' surface and reduce slippage.

How to paint stain or oil your decking | Outdoor & Garden | B&Q

Remove all garden furniture storage or other items from the decking so that the entire surface to be treated is clear. Use a stiff broom to give your decking a good sweep. This will get rid of any dirt or loose bits of wood and general debris from the decking. Check the surface of the deck for any loose boards or raised screws.

How To Lay Decking On Soil Or Grass | Ronseal

Decking is much easier to lay on a level surface. If it isn’t level you can still lay decking but it might be more difficult. Raised decking can give you extra height that may mean you’re not overlooked by neighbours. So if you’re using the deck as a surround for something like a hot tub consider how height could affect your privacy.

How to build decking | DIY Tips Projects & Advice UK | lets

Timber decking can be an economical means of creating a sun terrace or outdoor seating area. Decking can be designed to fit any space and can either be erected at ground level or raised on a platform. If you live in a listed area you will need to get permission from your local Building Control Department as well as planning permission.

Plywood Decking: A Good Alternative? | DoItYourself.com

Plywood decking comes in large sheets which means you can cover the deck easily with the plywood. Instead of the deck taking days to finish the job can be completed in hours by using plywood for the decking instead of individual boards. This will also keep the cost down.

Guidance Flat Roof Deck - Buildingregs4plans

The deck must be dry clean and primed as necessary before laying the waterproofing and insulating system to ensure good adhesion. The material used for the roof deck must be moisture resistant and will usually be plywood OSB or timber boards although concrete and woodwool slab or profiled metal can also be used.

Treating Timber Decking | Ways to Teat Timber Decking and

Timber decking and garden furniture can be oiled stained or sealed. There are no hard and fast rules about which you should use so it is really down to personal preference. We prefer to oil as it brings out the natural texture of the timber but in certain circumstances this might not be appropriate or the most attractive thing to do.

The Ultimate Guide To Using A Fire Pit On Decking

A common concern of portable fire pit owners and would-be enthusiasts is whether or not you can use a fire pit on decking. Concerns for both wood and composite decks span from basic fire risk to warping

Is it Okay to Use 4x2 Timbers in Decking Frame | DIY Doctor

I am planning on building a decking 3m by 2.4m. Once I have the posts in the ground can I use 4x2 wood for the frame. Most seem to use 6x2. All advice welcome.

Can You Put A Fire Pit On Seven Trust Composite Decking?

First you should never put a fire pit directly on your deck with no protection. The heat alone can warp the decking materials as well as embers can burn the deck as well. Seven Trust decking can soften at about 176 degrees Fahrenheit so you have to very cautious on the size of your fire. In addition never install the firepit directly on top of the

28 decking ideas – gorgeous ways to update your garden | Real

These decking ideas can be used in gardens of all shapes and sizes and will take you through the seasons so that you can make the most of your deck all summer long and well into autumn. Warm natural and quick-drying – it's no wonder decking has stolen many a garden owner's heart.

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