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Sliptech | Anti-Slip Treatments for Baths and Showers

Anti-Slip Treatment for Baths and Shower Trays. Our anti-slip treatment for baths offers a unique safety treatment for both baths and shower trays. The treatment guarantees are area to be non-slip when wet. Pendulum slip tests can be conducted providing certificate of conformity valid for one year. These certificates will state the baths meet

Evaluating a Non-Slip or Anti-Slip Treatment: What to

There are several different treatments for increasing the slip resistance of surfaces including acid etching treatments shot blasting anti-slip coating grinding and adhesive strips. And while all of these methods are proven solutions for increasing floor safety their effectiveness can vary depending on the surface to which they are applied as well as several other factors.

Resin Bonded Resin Bound Anti-Skid Non-Slip Surfaces

Resin bonded surfaces (unlike resin bound) are not pourous. An adhesive is spread onto the existing surface and a 0-4mm aggregate is scattered over the area. The advantage of this process is that the texture created has excellent anti skid and non slip properties. This surface is ideally suited for paths steep domestic driveways and highway use.

Anti Slip Tile Treatment : Arcon Supplies

Safe Grip anti-slip solution can be applied to the majority of hard porous surfaces such as concrete ceramic tile terrazzo and terrazzo tiles quarry tiles marble stone and enamel baths/shower trays. The application of the treatment is quick and easy and does not require expensive equipment:

Anti Slip Solutions | Anti Slip Treatment For Slippery Floors

The solution is Safe Grip anti-slip treatment. Safe Grip is not a coating that will wear off it doesn’t require time to cure and can be applied during operational hours – even in areas with high foot traffic such as retail stores hotels and public places.

Anti Slip Floor Treatment No Skidding® non slip floor treatment

The anti-slip treatments significantly increase the co-efficient of friction and reduce the problems caused by slippery-when-wet surfaces. Three distinct formulations help address three different groups of mineral based hard floor surfaces. Our three distinct formulations address slippery-when-wet conditions for natural unsealed mineral floors

Slippery Surface Coating and Treatment | A+ Non Slip Surfaces

A+ Non Slip Surfaces' anti-slip tile stone and concrete treatments works at the micro-pore level to dramatically enhance the traction of your surface Workers Compensation Claims from Slick Floors A+ Non Slip Surfaces' anti-slip tile stone and concrete treatments works at the micro-pore level to dramatically enhance the traction of your surface

Services | Slipdoctors Queensland | Anti Slip on Any Surface

Obviously the combination of water and the slick hard surface of the shower floor make the bathroom the most at risk place for injuries/deaths from slipping. Please make sure to stay safe and treat your showers to make them less slippery. Long-lasting and slip-resistant epoxy coating. Easy to apply and leaves behind a non-slip texture easy on

SlipDoctors UK - Anti-Slip Products for Residential and

ANTI-SLIP TREATMENT Stone Grip anti-slip tile and concrete treatment increases the slip resistance of your floors (even when wet) while making little to no appearance change. The anti-slip solution for slippery floors is industrial strength and can be used in high-traffic areas to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

SAFE MARBLE - Anti-slip treatment for marble floors - Faber

Water-based non-slip treatment for marble travertine limestone and lime-based surfaces in general . Description; Materials; Download; SAFE MARBLE is a water-based treatment specifically devised and developed to increase surface grip on marble travert

Centrecoat Slip Resistant Anti Slip Treatment for Ceramic

Centrecoat Slip Resistant Floor Treatment is used to provide surfaces with a non slip finish especially floors where accidents and injuries are likely to occur if the surface is left untreated. Slippery surfaces have until recently been commonly treat with hydrofluoric acid this works well to provide a surface with and anti slip finish but unfortunately dissolves some of the floors

Chemron’s Anti Slip Treatment for Tiles & Other Surfaces

Anti Slip Treatment is a specialised anti-slip surface treatment not a non-slip coating. Coatings can delaminate yellow with age or just wear off making the most expensive floors look worn and unsightly. A single application of Anti Slip Treatment will last up to 5 years even under high traffic. Use this highly effective treatment to make your work floors or public areas regulation

Anti-Slip Tile Treatment: Non-Slip Tile Coating (Porcelain

“Permanent” anti-slip treatment. Feel-safe anti-slip must be applied as per the directions of use and a regular maintenance regime must be upheld to keep the etched surface clean and to ensure long-term non-slip qualities. The anti-slip finish will be affected by build ups of organic matter grime and debris as these clog the micro-etched

Acrylic Anti-Slip Treatment | Available Online From Victorian

A Permanent Non-Slip Treatment for acrylic baths and shower trays a non-slip treatment to replace bath mats and shower mats. Help prevent bathroom slips and falls Soapy water and smooth curved or sloping surfaces can combine to make bathrooms particularly baths and shower trays very slippery and potentially dangerous – especially for young children or those who aren’t so steady on

Resin Bound Resin Bonded Surfacing Marine Anti-Skid - High

Anti-slip coatings are used to improve the frictional characteristics of a surface whether it be a road a factory floor pontoon ships deck steps or any area where there is a risk of slipping or skidding. These coatings involve the application of a layer of ‘high friction’ aggregate to the surface being treated. This aggregate is firmly

Surface Treatment Industries : SlipSolve

Non Slip Treatment Many people suffer serious injury as a result of a slip or trip. Reducing this unnecessary injury toll is a priority. SlipSolve®is a heavy-duty exterior/interior invisible lasure (not a film) specially formulated to reduce the risk of slips.

SlipDoctors Stone Grip Anti-Slip Treatment for Tiles

Our number one anti slip coating for floors! Stone Grip for Porcelain Ceramic and Stone Floors - Non Slip Tile Treatment. Stone Grip anti slip floor coating will dramatically increase the slip resistance and improve safety on wet ceramic porcelain and natural stone floors. Easy to apply with a sprayer and microfiber T-mop.

Slip Resistant Tile Floor Treatments

Non topical anti slip tile treatments work by micro etching the tile surface creating millions of tiny holes in the tile surface. When the tile is dry you will not feel much of a difference in the slip resistance. It is when the tile gets wet and the potential for slipping on the tile surface increases that these non topical anti slip tile treatments excel. The micro etching holes act like

Slip Resistance Treatments - Floor Slip Test

The term anti-slip or non-slip could be conceived as possibly miss-leading as all surfaces will have a degree or risk in that people may slip and fall on them no matter how slip resistant the surface is measured. So even if the surface is considered “non-slip” there will be circumstances whereby people may slip and fall. No floor will ever be failsafe however the term anti-slip & non

Home | Non Slip Services in Greater Greater Boston and

Non-Slip Services specializes in helping businesses and individuals reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents due to wet and slippery surfaces. Our durable long-lasting anti-slip floor treatments and coatings increases the friction of wet surfaces while not altering the surface's appearance. All services and products have a two-year warranty (certain conditions apply). Benefits include

SlipDoctors Anti-Slip Paint & Coatings for Concrete

This anti-slip treatment for concrete is our best seller and can dramatically increase traction and improve safety on dry and wet concrete surfaces. Stone Grip is easy to apply with a sprayer microfiber T-mop or Stone Grip Applicator. The non-slip treatment creates microscopic treads in the concrete surface to increase traction within minutes.

Non Slip Floor Treatments and Skid Resistance Testing Services

The country’s leading supplier and installer of anti-slip floor treatments and slip resistance testing Anti-Slip Floor Treatments Within hours our team of professional installers can transform a non-compliant and dangerously internal or external slippery floor into a safe and compliant surface without down-time or aesthetic alteration that can be walked on immediately

Handl Solutions - Anti-Slip Floor Treatments Coatings

No Skidding® Products Make Floors Safer - FACT No Skidding® Products offer THE ANSWER to slip prevention on all hard floor surfaces from surface assessment using the Pendulum test surface treatments maintenance advice surface refinishing etc..

Anti Slip Floor Treatment for Tiles Concrete and Bathroom

The Stone Grip 3.8 Litres anti slip coating will cover up to 35 Sq m and is a wash on and wash off non slip tile treatment. The whole application process can be completed within 15 minutes. Once applied Stone Grip’s non-slip treatment will be micro-etched into the surface for up to 2 years.

Slip Resistant Coatings- How to Create Non-Slip Concrete

There are two ways to create slip-resistant surfaces: texture the concrete itself (typically with a broom) or apply some sort of gritty material to the surface. There are several ways to accomplish the latter: mix a gritty material into the sealer before it's applied put down a textured overlay or apply a gritty faced tape to the surface. You can also of course put down rubber mats but

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